Cinderella's Hat

What started as a chance meeting at a dinner a few years back, has turned into an extraordinary creative partnership. Australia-born, London-based Alexandra Harper is producing four hat collections exlcusively for Disney, based on Disney characters and films. The creative collaboration started in 2014 with collections inspired by Maleficient and Tinkerbell, and continued into 2015 with the most recent collection, based on the newly released, silver-screen adaptation of Cinderella. The latter half of 2015 will see a Star Wars collection released, "a challenge", says the milliner. 

Just like her designs, Harper herself is somewhat unsual. She worked as a lawyer in her native Australia, when realising that the lack of creativity in that profession was not sustainable longterm. After a brief stint in the US, she moved to London and began making hats for special occassions and friends. 

With such original designs and hard work, it's no wonder that success followed and Alexandra Harper Millinery was born.

Cinderella is one of the most anticipated film releases of the year, and Harper's collection is nothing short of that hype. A mass of blue butterflies seemingly fly off the main piece of the collection Ella's Enchantment captures the beauty of the old fairytale beautifully. The hat collection is a wonderfully creative summary of the main events in the story.

She's combined her own materials with Swarowski crystals for Ella's Innocence, the delicate blue silk bow headpiece. Trademark features like feathers, beads, flowers and lots of tulle as well as more crystals make up the other two pieces Ella's Perfect Ending and Ella's Night. 

To amplify the Cinerella franchise Disney has brought other designers ob board as well, so Harper is in the good company of Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Olympia.

Cinderella is out in UK cinemas March 19.

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