Balenciaga: Master of Lace

Once upon a time a man called Hubert de Givenchy visited the Museum of Lace and Fashion. On his visit he discovered a great treasure in the museum: a whole collection of original Balenciaga dresses - lace dresses to be exact.

Upon this discorvery an idea grew in Givenchy's head. What if the museum made a whole exhibition - just with these wonderous and unique lace dresses? The museum decided to make the thought into a reality. And so they began the work of making the exhibition. It took three long years, but now it's finally here.

The exhibition show the work of spanish Cristobal Balenciaga, whose tailoring background gave him an understanding for the delicate lace fabric as no other. He created everything from playfull evening dresses to ultra feminine gloves in lace. He was devoted to the fabric, and so the material was an important part of his creations throughout his career.

With Balenciaga, Lace Magician in Calais it is truely shown how fashion in fact can be art. And it makes it clear why Cristobel Balenciaga is the master of lace.