Henrique Oliveira

The São Paulo-based artist recycles materials, reflecting on the human condition 


Ernesto Neto

Swing from politics to ayahuasca with one of the leaders of Brazil's contemporary art scene 


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Brazil In Focus

As the country prepares to host the World Cup and Olympics in quick succession, international lenses are fixed on what are set to be some of the most impassioned events to date. But for now, we've turned our attention to culture.

Departing from carnival, capoeira, beaches and babes, we've created a series of films that explore Brazil's strengths across contemporary art, architecture and the burgeoning luxury sector.

Running April - June we will be curating the best in culture from the nation everyone's talking about. 


Bernardo Paz's contemporary art wonderland in southeastern Brazil is part Jurassic Park, part Disneyland and part Venice Biennale


With a style that mixes both painting and sculpture, one of Brazil's leading contemporary artists explores history and its sins 


Marcio Kogan

The award-winning São Paulo based architect challenges his contemporaries and critics with his revelatory short films.