PLAYLIST: Chef's Table

In an exclusive insight into London's fine dining scene, we chew the fat with some of the world's most famous chefs.

Claude Bosi Hibiscus

"To achieve this work life balance is quite difficult, you have to have discipline."

Cláudio Cardosa SUSHISAMBA

“My First day in the kitchen, I cried like a baby!”

Sanjay Dwivedi Coya

“Food or sex….? Both. At the same time.”


PLAYLIST: Chef's Table

Anthony Garlando Aqua Shard

"[My wife] was quite a good cook when I first met her. Obviously I've given her a few tips along the way!"

Yogesh Dhatta The Painted Heron

“Nothing turns me on more than fresh vegetables.”

Paul Hood Social Eating House

“If it’s got chocolate on it, it’ll probably get eaten.”


PLAYLIST: Chef's Table

Ruth Rogers The River Cáfe

"I work so hard, I never feel guilty about anything."

Oliver Lange The Magazine

“I think if the whole world lived like the Japanese we would have a much better world."

Chris Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

"Food and family mean everything to me. I really believe that the table is the last bastion of civilization."


PLAYLIST: Chef's Table

Bobby Chinn The House of Ho

“Everyone says weird stuff taste likes chicken. Rat does not taste like chicken.”

Tony Fleming Angler

"No one eats pig’s liver. No one I know has ever eaten pig’s liver. And my mum used to grill it. And it had a lot of veins and arteries and stuff in it. And I used to see it under the grill, spitting and I'd think ugh… that’s dinner tonight then."

Carlo Scotto Babbo

"I treat my staff as an army. Meaning there needs to be someone who’s speaking, the other one answer, and do the job."


PLAYLIST: Chef's Table

Patrick Hanna L'Entrepôt

"I worked on a fishing boat in Australia and it was my first job as a cook... We ran out of steak after about twelve hours. And they ran out of patience with my cooking after around three days."

Natasha Corrett Honestly Healthy

"I didn't ever decide to become a vegetarian, it happened really, really slowly."

Brad McDonald The Lockhart

"Being a chef is less a case of abestos hands and more a case of just having to endure the pain!"