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Chefs Club

The concept of Chef's Club by Food & Wine in New York was on David Rockwell's mind for quite some time before it became reality. It is perhaps one of the projects the architect is most passionate about and he trusted his intuition when pursuing it. The idea is that the restaurant hosts a rotating roster of international chefs.

Rockwell had developed the idea for so long, that when it began to take shape, "it was like putting on a familiar piece of clothing".  

The restaurant is located in the landmark Puck Building in Lower Manhattan and showcases art work that correlates with the chefs in residence such as 30 sketches of the world's best chefs as well as more extravagant pieces like the 300 pound Himalayan salt shard. 

The main idea was to break down the barrier between the chefs and the guests, so "cooking, performance and dining are one". 

The month of March sees France's export Hélène Darroze in the Chef's Club studio for two evenings, who is also at the culinary helm of London's two Michelin-starred restaurant at The Connaught.  

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