The Salt of the Earth - The Documentary

Most of his photographs are world-famous. For the past 40 years, he went to parts of the world where no western person had been before him, and to others were no one wanted to go at the time. 

Today the 71-year-old has travelled over 100 countries and documented the faith of those less fortunate as well as the beauty of the unknown parts of the world. 

His son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado partnered up with German film-making legend Wim Wenders and got producer David Rosier on board, to tell Sebastiao's story. Like his son, both had a personal history with Salgado's work, feeling strong emotional connections with certain shots.

Witnessing the amount of death, war and desperation alongside beauty, wonder and untouched nature left Salagado scarred for life, which was the reason for his son, Wenders and Rosier to provide an opportunity for Sebastiao to talk about his work, revisit certain photographs and perhaps even find peace along the way.

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