Laura Doggett - A voice worth hearing

21 year old, Bath-born, Laura Doggett released her first album, Into the Glass, earlier this year. She has quickly attracted a growing UK fan-base with her distinctive voice and honest lyrics.

The singer songwriter began her musical pursuit as a teenager when she found a pressing need to express her opinions. For Doggett, music is an unimposing means of communication.  She shares stories and emotions but leaves people space to make their own personal connections.

Before being picked up by RCA Records Label, Doggert had numerous part time jobs but always found time for her music.  Her new lifestyle is equally demanding and comes with massive sacrifices but Doggett has no doubt that it is absolutely worth it.

Artists such as Tracy Chapman and Annie Lennox, who grazed the music industry with unique vocals, inspire Laura to bring something new to the table.