London Design Festival Highlights

Immerse yourself in the best on show at LDF 2013.

Featured Locations 

Tate Modern, Design Museum, Maison Trois Carcons, Cafeand, Murdock, Labour and Wait, Tacey Neuls East, Klaus Haapaniemi, Calvert Ave, Luna & Curious, Charlene Mullen Pop-up Shop, Milk Concept Boutique, Old Shoreditch Station, Lee Broom, Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, Old Shoreditch Station, Milk Concept Boutique, Luna & Curious, Charlene Mullen Pop-up Shop, 100% Design, Nigel Coates archive, V&A, Workshop for Potential Design, House of Fritz Hansen, Domus Tiles, Aram Gallery Design Junction, The Sorting Office

The London-based designer marries traditional craftsmanship with a completely contemporary aesthetic.


Max Fraser

The deputy director of the London Design Festival shares his views of the city.