Oliver "Ollysan" Lange

The cosmopolitan chef at The Magazine puts the world on your plate.

Situated in the middle of Hyde Park, The Magazine restaurant adjoins the Serpentine Sackler gallery in a new building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Head chef Oliver Lange is German-born, but has travelled internationally to develop his palette. His food is most notably influenced by his time in Japan, where he trained with bona fide sushi masters and earned the nickname "Ollysan". Lange subsequently launched Kokoro (Japanese for 'heart and soul') his consultancy that works with restaurants to develop signature menus and innovative kitchen concepts.

Back in 2004, Lange received high acclaim for assisting Mario Lohninger’s restaurant Silk achieve Michelin success, and the young chef went on to become one of the guest stars of KP Kopfler's international pop-up phenomenon Pret A Diner. The Magazine is Lange's first permanent UK venture, and he intends to break British tradition, starting with his decision to ban the Sunday Roast.