An intimate interview with Rico Zombie

Since his humble beginnings in Canada a few years ago, Rico Zombie aka Rick Genest has made a huge impact not only on the fashion world, but also the music, film and beauty industries. The carnival sideshow performer was championed by creative director of Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, put in his runway shows and shoehorned in Lady Gaga's video for Born This Way. He's been on the covers of all major magazines, from Dazed to Vogue, starred in films, recorded LPs and signed major endorsement deals. 

We chat to Zombie Boy about his beginnings, inpirations and what true beauty means to him. 

His surrealism plays out in procession, mass orchestration and explores public space – a kind of magic that challenges social concerns


Have you heard the one about the Guardian Alien drummer who wants to be a stand-up comedian?