Tennis is made up of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, a husband- and- wife duo from Denver, Colorado. They met in college studying philosophy and started the band in 2010 after an eight-months sailing trip on the Atlantic. They were joined by drummer James Barone during their first tour and have been mixing up the American indie-pop scene for the past five years. 

After an initial confusion on their parts about being able to make a living off making music and dealing with the uncertainty of the future, both feel like they've finally matured within the industry and their own music. Their most recent album 'Ritual in Repeat' is the first record, where both were completely content with every single track on it. 

Being married and in a band naturally doesn't always come with just positives. From fans assuming every lyric written is about the significant other to having the relationship reduced to a stereotype, Alaina and Patrick have heard it all. 

Currently, Tennis are touring in the US until the end of June 2015.



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