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Smart Attack: The Space

The Space, a platform aimed at discovering the best emerging digital artistic talent around the world, has re-launched with participation from internationally acclaimed artists Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramović and a weekend hackathon at Tate Modern.

The Space invited over 140 artists and technologists to come together in the Turbine Hall for the 24 hour hackathon, with a brief to 'take any form of data and turn it into art'.

In total 40 projects were created at the hack, with participants accessing a number of unusual data sets from Tate, Open Data Institute, Guardian and Ai Weiwei.

The Space was originally piloted in 2012 and created by the BBC and the Arts Council.

The São Paulo-based artist recycles materials, reflecting on the human condition 


A photographer working in four dimensions blurs the limits of time and space.


A gritty up-and-coming sculptor gets messy in four dimensions with a pair of cryptic videos. Kevin McGarry tunes in