Tom Dixon At The Dock

Enter the world where idiosyncrasy, creativity and commercial nous have shaped a design empire.

A contemporary British designer, Tom Dixon has been awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his designs which have become well recognized the world over. With his work featured in the V & A, as well as museums in New York and Paris, Dixon was initially born in Tunisia.

He says that being either born in or immersed into a different culture, gives you a more diverse attitude about the world. This has led him to be forward thinking in his designs. “You have to do more than produce products - you have to create a narrative around them,” he says.

Dixon has a range of products, predominantly focussing on lights, furniture and accessories. He is s strong believer in the idea that design does not need to start from a specific commercial intent. While many designers focus on the direct relationship between creativity and commerce, Dixon’s process is more focussed on creativity first; he is simply happy that people are willing to buy things that he dreams up.

Recently he has launched a set of perfumed candles, which has turned into one of his most exciting projects given the ability to explore a different sense. Generally more familiar with sight and touch, his new venture into scent has proven a great success. No doubt, this self confessed Attention Deficit Disorder designer will explore more genres, scenes and design techniques as his design empire continues to grow.

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