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Umbrellium At The Barbican

Kinetic sensors and lasers allow for a truly interactive light experience called Assemblance at the Digital Revolution exhibition.

Previous Projects

Open Burble is an uber-scale mass participation spectacle that enables participants to design and fly a 15-storey tall interactive structure that transforms the urban skyline.
In Open Burble, members of the public come together to compose, assemble and control an immense rippling inflatable form that changes colour in response to the crowd interacting below. This massive structure, the form of which the public has themselves designed, exists at such a large scale that it is able to compete visually in an urban context with the skyscrapers that surround it.

In Marling the voices of thousands of citizens are given form through spectacular effects that hang in the air above the crowd, forming a delicate, intricate ceiling of animated colour.
In Marling, people become players on the urban stage, together bringing to life a large outdoor public space through their actions and sounds, and building a – sometimes indescribable – shared public memory of collaboration that lasts long after the event. Members of the public generate spectacular three-dimensional effects using their voices, forming a delicate, intricate ceiling of animated colour that hangs around and above the crowd. 

As part of the Barbican's Digital Revolution exhibition, this Japanese artist is working with to push the boundaries of technology and music








Science meets style in this fashion laboratory as the boundaries of wearable tech are tested.