Nail Artistry

Vanity Projects, a nail salon in downtown Manhattan is the unlikely venue for a group show of up-and-coming young female video artists..


Nail Artistry

Rita Pinto, Founder, Vanity Project

How were the artists chosen?

"I have been an independent curator for the last 14 years and so the artists I chose for this exhibition program have all been a huge source of inspiration and interest for me. I have worked with a few in the past and others for the first time."

Why stage the exhibition at Vanity Projects?

"Vanity Projects is a luxury nail atelier where video art is projected onto the walls while patrons get their nails done. The concept has always included the video medium."

What response have you had from the public so far?

"The public have been really intrigued by the work and have made some great comments. I have received some e-mails after the fact saying they have been converted and are now huge fans of particular artists included. That is the point of the program here, to develop a foster a sense of connoisseurship for the medium and introduce the pubic to many different video artists. This month happens to be women centric but the program will expand to include international curators and organisations where both women and men will be featured."

Devil's advocate question: Is it a concern that staging an exhibition of women artists in a nail salon could be perceived as trivialising the work?

"On the contrary, the space is really paired down and has a gallery feeling to it. There are art books in the library and I talk about the artists work in detail when asked. Also, I think that this program champions women and gives a sense of empowerment much more then anything trivial. The artists included are all major contemporary figures and they loaning their work here is a testament to the elevated nature of the salon. Doing something new and changing the parameters for arts business is a challenge but Vanity Projects was developed out of a vision to re-define how we perceive video and give it the time and space it needs to watch and appreciate."

Girls, Girls, Girls at Vanity Projects runs 12 August - 25 September. 99 Chrystie St 2F, New York, 10002