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Work: Death by Audio

Oliver Ackermann currently resides in a former industrial space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which doubles as a workshop for his Death By Audio effects pedals company. Here, he and his team hand-build ear-crunchingly loud guitar effects pedals for sale, as well as various instruments and stage effects for his band A Place To Bury Strangers. The space is also utilised as a rehearsal/recording studio and arts venue.

The lifestyle is not for everyone: "I found this place on Craigslist, it was totally raw," says Ackermann. "A month and a half in we still didn't have hot water and people were sleeping on the cement floor. Some people moved out... it's worth it if you're willing to dive in.

"I feel like everything I've aspired to do is anti what my parents would want me to do. I guess I'm still trying to rebel".


As prolific as he is twisted, this Brooklyn-based multimedia artist is best known for his disarmingly macabre visual language.