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Yi Zhou: Body Memory

Although a visit to Doctor Yi Zhou starts conventionally with 'patients' filling out a clinical record it soon becomes clear that she is not your average doctor and this is not your average check up. 
Practising from her mobile Body Memory clinic and wearing her trademark Doctors coat, the self confessed "collector of human body parts", takes a 'faux-scientific' look at body form and the role that our body parts, rather than our brain, play in storing our memories.
Fingers, noses, lips, ears, breasts and even belly buttons are covered with resin and then plaster bandages to create unconventional, quirky jewellery pieces and accessories. 
A Central Saint Martins graduate,  Dr. Zhou is largely touted as the 'one to watch' in China's design scene after receiving widespread acclaim at this year's Beijing Design Week.

'Patients' can contact Dr. Zhou by email at to schedule an appointment or, alternatively, show up to one of her many pop-up events.

Images courtesy of Yi Zhou


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